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Wonder of Parenting - A Brain-Science Approach to Parenting

Jul 29, 2019

Depression and your Child.  Tim talks with guest Dr. Gregg Jantz of The Center: A Place of Hope on how to identify depression in kids and strategies to help them.

Jul 22, 2019

A mom writes in about her son who tends to push back with deep crying and other emotional behaviors.  Michael and Tim look at the brain science behind it and some strategies, including boundary setting.

Jul 15, 2019

Michael and Tim answer a question from a mom concerned about her overly talkative child who seems to be disrupting the class.

Jul 8, 2019

Michael and Tim respond to a question from a mom in Australia who wants to see her child free to engage in play, but feeling outside pressure that seems to say certain types of play are off limits.

Jul 1, 2019

Michael and Tim offer strategies for helping teachers, schools, and school districts engage with brain science as they teach.